Burn up to 50% more calories while strengthening nearly all the muscles in your body

Rowing is one of the most intense cardio workouts you will experience.

Why Rowing?

Safe, effective and a high energy work out that is the ideal fit for anyone of any age or skill level.

  1. Burn
    Rowing is one of the top 5 calorie-burning workouts. Shed 500-700 calories or more in just one class.
  2. Build
    60% legs, 20% core, 20% arms: Rowing builds your body lean and mean without the bulk.
  3. Full Body
    Hit 80% of your body’s muscle mass-no body is left behind in this workout.
  4. Low Impact
    Save your knees. See results with a high-impact workout that eliminates the force other cardio workouts may put on your joints.
  5. Better Posture
    Rowing promotes better posture, joint health and flexibility by strengthening the muscles of the core, upper and lower back.
  6. After Burn
    Rowing raises the heart rate quickly, increasing the after burn effect-the state of elevated metabolism post-workout.
  7. Athleticism
    Fast-twitch fibers engaged during a rowing stroke promote muscle growth and explosive power transferable to many other sports and activities.


Crew fit:
A blend of rowing intervals, strength and conditioning exercises, designed to give you a full body work out. You will be moving through circuits with dumbbells, kettlebells, battle ropes, and medicine balls and, other equipment to get your heart rate up and burn fat!
(50 mins)


Power Row:
Power Row is a 45 minute total body cardio workout. Get an awesome workout with intervals on the Concept 2 Rower.
(45 mins)


This gentle cardio based class is perfect for new comers or those looking for an active recovery between intense training sessions. This class will include stretching and mobility drills to loosen tight muscles and reduce soreness.


Lunch Special:
Offered during lunch time this short but sweet class will give you all the benefits of a regular length class but in the convenience of 35 mins. This way you can get back to the office or stop in between errands.

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