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Glastonbury Weightlifting Academy’s small group classes welcome all age groups and ability levels and is geared towards an overall development, understanding, and appreciation of the sport of Olympic Weightlifting.

Why does GWA differ from any other olympic weightlifting classes?

We pay attention to the little details, always have a high energy level, and do not fill our classes with more than 6 people at a time so you get the individualized attention you need.

We believe that learning how to lift correctly is a step by step process. Olympic Weightlifting is so technical that every detail from your weight distribution, to your scapular position when the bar is overhead will affect your lift. Every movement should flow fluidly into the next.

Step 1:

The foundation of your lift is your optimal body position as an individual. One person’s overhead squat position may not be the same as another’s and that is something we recognize. Everyone’s body structure is different, therefore we must adapt to provide the most amount of structural integrity without compromising proper mechanics.

Step 2:

After perfecting your body positioning you will learn about building strength upon the movements needed to successfully do a snatch and clean and jerk. At GWA we want to make certain all the angles of the body in relationship to weight distribution, timing and the bar path are streamlined.

Step 3:

Once your body position is correct, have built strength and balance, and every little detail has been corrected, you will then begin to apply weight.




Intro to Olympic Weightlifting:

This beginner class focuses on the fundamental techniques, safety and proper progression of Olympic Weightlifting. (Open to all levels)

60 minutes

Weightlifting Technique Class:

A more in-depth breakdown of the clean and jerk and snatch, focusing primarily on the accessory movements critical to both lifts.

60 minutes

Barbell Strength:

This class focuses on building strength and technique using all of the major lifts including bench, press, deadlift, squats and pulls. This class is for anyone looking to build overall strength and technique utilizing all of the lifts. (Open to all levels)

60 minutes

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