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Designed Training’s Athletic Development Program helps maximize general athleticism in youth through elite athletes. Broken up into age appropriate and ability level, our coaches will help athletes develop their skills safely while challenging them physically and mentally.

This program begins by establishing a baseline for each athlete, correcting movement dysfunctions, building a strong base of movement and maximizing efficiency of movements to improve performance.

This program offers sport-specific training along with general athletic strength and conditioning. The guiding principle is that a solid base of athletic movements will make any serious athlete better no matter the sport. However, adding sport-specific movements will make them great.

The Athletic Development Program will follow an undulating periodization model to ensure the development, performance, and longevity of athletes. Each division of the athletic development program will include these main topics according to ability level:

  1. Injury reduction/prevention: stretching, soft tissue work, proper warm ups, mechanics
  2. Coordination: balance, hand-eye coordination, body control, proprioception
  3. Speed: footwork, mechanics, running, cutting, agility
  4. Strength: safely learn major lifts, compound exercises, safely overload muscles for gains
  5. Power: explosiveness, plyometrics, jumping, force x speed
  6. Conditioning: improve overall work capacity, anaerobic, aerobic
  7. Nutrition: importance of healthy/balanced eating, role of food for performance/recovery
  8. Recovery: Foam rolling, stretching, proper sleep, overlap with nutrition, active recovery

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