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Personal training is about breaking through barriers and overcoming your perception of what you can do. It is a journey that challenges both your physical and mental self on the path to a healthier you. How many times have you told yourself, "I can't"? We know you are stronger and more capable than you think. Let us show you what you can really do.

With the right tools and support, we believe that anyone, at any stage of life can regain their health, their energy and improve their outlook on life. At Designed Training our private studio provides state-of-the-art equipment and a staff of experienced certified personal trainers to motivate, support and guide you.


Ultimately, it's about the results and we are dedicated to getting you there.

  • DJ has been my trainer at Designed Training. This is the first time I have had a personal trainer. Under his direction I have surpassed my expectation of why I first came here. I feel stronger, happier, healthier and I like who I have become and am proud of what I have become. He has been an integral part of me changing my life, all for the better.

    Designed Training is a clean, comfortable, and energetic atmosphere that helps me achieve greater success in my training. The facility has all you need.

    Mike Farrell , Client
  • My trainer is DJ. Very, very good at what he does. His number one concern is the client. Definitely will get you to your goal.

    The atmosphere here is very clean, professional and caring. Again its all about the client. Safety first. Very impressed not only with DJ, but with all the trainers. Smells good in here also! Big Plus.

    I’ve trained for a long time and at many gyms, and this is the only place that I can honestly say that I know I will reach the goals that I have set before me. No doubt in my mind. None!

    Daron Sutton , Client
  • Brian Harris has been my trainer at Designed Training. Brian is dedicated to physical fitness and has a background in Physical Rehab. His expertise in these capacities has been tremendously helpful for me. As a woman in her late 30s, I get that I am no “spring chicken” but have been more fortunate to find a trainer who understands that better and is respectful of my aging musculoskeletal system. I have had several trainers in the past whose workouts have left me with extreme pain and turned me off from ever returning to the gym. Brian’s workouts are gentle for my chronic “IT” band pain and low back pain yet vigorous enough for me to achieve my goals of physical endurance and flexibility.

    His work outs are a constant mixture of new exercises and I am never bored. He is consistently attentive and always focused on correcting my form and posture. He is never looking around the room as I have seen many trainers do. He provides enough instructions for you to understand each exercise without it being superfluous. He is extremely patient and offers encouragements to keep me motivated.

    On the business side of things, he has never been tardy for any of our 6:00 a.m. appointments and has always accommodated my schedule when I need to change last minute due to my demands as a working mom.

    Working out with Brian at Designed Training is my favorite way to start my day and really adds to my sense of accomplishment.

    Dr. Faiqa Cheema , Client
  • Such a beautiful gym and the classes are amazing!

    Katharine Miller , Client
  • I have worked out on my own in the past, but it wasn’t until I starting working out with DJ at Designed Training that I actually started seeing results.

    DJ is always prepared for our sessions with a challenging, well-balanced workout. I can push myself because I know that he is watching out for me and keeping me safe. I completely trust in his methods because they work. In addition to great trainers, Designed Training offers a bright, clean and well-equipped studio, and a very convenient valet service which makes parking a breeze.

    In just a few short months, I have lost inches, pounds, and dress sizes, but more importantly, I’ve gained a new perspective on fitness (along with a lot of muscle). I am less focused on the negatives about my body and much more focused on what my body is capable of accomplishing.

    Julie Petrella , Client
  • Met Sarah & David today for the first time. Had the best workout ever. I’ll see you guys pretty soon!!

    Daisy Flores , Client
  • Really great classes, convenient location, knowledgable, down-to-earth trainers.

    Lindsay Ruszczyk , Client
  • Just had a ridiculous workout with DJ. Shaking so much I might drop my phone. Awesome!!

    Rachel Novak , Client
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